WPO (World Presidents’ Organization) is a global leadership organization of more than 8,000 business leaders who are graduates of YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization). Founded in 1970 as the World Business Council by former members of YPO, the graduate organization now known as the World Presidents Organization, or WPO, was established to sustain and enrich the education and idea exchange that began for its members when they joined YPO. Combined, YPO-WPO connects 21,000 chief executives leading companies generating US$6 trillion and employing more than 15 million people in 125 countries.

While priorities may shift between an individual’s membership in YPO and WPO, the value of peer exchange remains the same. WPO members are committed to each other, to mentoring YPO members and to encouraging the next generation of business leaders. WPO is the logical evolution of the YPO experience for members and their families who continue to enjoy myriad benefits that began in YPO including events, forum, networks and groups and more. Read more

WPO members combine corporate responsibility and personal public service to make significant contributions in their communities. Today, their ranks include diplomats, senior elected officials, and appointed government officials at the international, national, regional and local levels. As lifetime leaders, WPO members recognize and act on their responsibility in the fields of corporate governance, public service and educational advancement. With an extensive offering of educational programs, networking opportunities and exclusive services, WPO is dedicated to meeting the needs of members and their families throughout every stage of life.

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Every WPO member belongs to the same great network they valued in YPO – both a local and regional network of chapter peers and a global community of 21,000 leaders in more than 125 countries and every business sector. This is the beauty of YPO-WPO, the business and family connections that are close to home, across the border and around the world.

WPO members, have all the advantages of YPO membership – plus exclusive benefits available only to them, such as a tiered structure that discounts international dues, the option of no annual dues through lifetime membership and Aon WorldAware safe travel solutions and emergency medical assistance, which is included with membership. These WPO-only benefits reward a longtime commitment to the organization.

YPO-WPO has never been more vital, dynamic and poised for growth. This is an exciting time to be in WPO for many reasons, but most of all because learning to be a better leader takes a lifetime.

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  • Ages 51 through 64 – WPO dues set at two-thirds of YPO dues.
  • Ages 65 through 74 – WPO dues set at one-third of YPO dues.
  • Ages 75 and older – WPO dues set at 10 percent of YPO dues

Lifetime membership offers a cost-effective way to ensure continued access to WPO benefits and services. Particularly if members are still active in their business but are considering selling or making some other change, lifetime membership is an opportunity to recognize the financial savings and incurring costs at an optimum time.

Both annual and lifetime dues amounts are established each year by the YPO-WPO International Board based on actuarial formulas developed specifically for WPO lifetime dues rates and are calculated based on a discounted percentage off the total future dues payments including inflation.

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As members and their families travel throughout the world for business or leisure, they are exposed to multiple medical, safety and security risks caused by either man-made or natural events. Aon WorldAware offers YPO and WPO members and their families safe travel solutions and emergency medical assistance.

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M2Mx is a member-driven networking service that provides confidential connections to members from YPO and WPO as well as EO and CEO who are knowledgeable in your area of need. Watch the M2Mx video

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